7 Resources to Smarter Home Buying by Jasmine Dyoco

I am contacted by Jasmine Dyoco to share some resources she found which are valuable for home buyers & investors like. Here in her own words: “My sister and her husband recently had a nightmare of an experience purchasing and modifying their new home. After working with a realtor who didn’t seem to have their best interests at heart, they also had to deal with a contractor who refused to finish his work without being paid in full upfront. They had to navigate the entire process from across the country, and it put a major damper on the excitement of buying a new home.

No one should be robbed of that joy. In the interest of helping others avoid the same frustration, I decided to put together some helpful resources about safe home buying practices. …”.

Below are the 7 Resources to Smarter Home Buying Jasmine Dyoco wants to share with our visitors:

Real Estate Terminology
Fulfilling the American Dream: A Guide for Disabled Homebuyers https://www.redfin.com/blog/guide-for-disabled-home-buyers

Fair Housing for the LGBTQ Community

How to Avoid a Real Estate Scam

5 Real Estate Scams You Need to Know About http://realtormag.realtor.org/law-and-ethics/law/article/2010/08/5-real-estate-scams-you-need-know-about

The Step-by-Step Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Working with Contractors http://www.homeadvisor.com/r/guide-to-hiring-a-contractor/

Home Contractor Scams
Jasmine Dyoco – educatorlabs.org

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