Welcome to SOHOSOS.COM. So, what’s in the name? SOHO: Small Office/Home Office. SOS: 1. an international distress signal, it consists of the letters “SOS” in Morse code meaning “save our souls”. 2. Call for help.

The primary goal of SOHOSOS.COM is to provide & share with you the products and resources to inspire & help you in the pursuit of personal & financial freedom!

Under SOHO Resources you will find useful resources & products to help you achieve your business goals and work/life balance. For example, SUMO is a great marketing tool I use to increase my email list subscription. You are welcome to share yours as well when you come across a great book or product.

In the Blog, you will find the frequent update on the sharing of SOHO life tips, experiences, resources & products reviews. You are welcome to post your comments to share yours.

Last but not the least, I am very excited to introduce you my own SOS EDC™ – “Save Our Souls EveryDay Carry” brand of products. As you can see, I am trying to do what I am preaching here. I hope these products will be useful to you and enhance your daily life. More products will be added as we grow. Your feedback and suggestion will be greatly appreciated! 🙂

Dream Big!

Start Small!


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