Back From the China Trip – Smog Problem

China SmogI am back from China on 11/25/2015! Just in time for Thanksgiving, after missing the intended return flight on 11/24/2015, but that’s another story. Well, all I can say is it’s been an amazing trip, which to my opinion well worth it.

Returning to China after 15 years a lot has changed, but the most noticeable is the amount of cars on the road, which I believe partly contributed to the heavy smog problem on the recent headline of major media in China and abroad including United States. IMG_0473

Speaking from my own experience on the trip I can confirm the smog problem does exist in many parts of China, including the cities of Foshan and Guang Zhou which I stayed in the majority of the time during the trip.

While the majority of the days were foggy, there were a few days the sky was clear to see the color blue. I guess the smog issue is the byproduct of fast economic development which developed nations such as United States and England had experienced during the industrial revolution. I hope the Chinese people and the government will pay close attention to the problem, learned from the mistakes of other countries and find solution fast.

IMG_9809Anyway, just a few days into the trip, my throat got irritated and developed coughing symptom which still lingers while I am writing this post, however, I am still not regretted about the trip. I missed the authentic tasty Chinese food and the friendship developed during the trip is invaluable. Hoping for another trip soon.

Please enjoy a few pictures of I took during the trip 🙂

  • IMG_8806
  • IMG_9810
  • IMG_8775
  • IMG_0388
  • IMG_0365
  • IMG_0423
  • IMG_0093
  • IMG_0098

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