Christmas Day At The Bunny Museum – The Hoppiest Place in The World!

I was trying to figure out where to bring my kids for fun on Christmas Day but since most places were closed I had a hard time finding an interesting place to visit. But thanks for the power of the Internet, and for that matter, WeChat… I found out The Bunny Museum is open from 1pm to 6pm without appointment, great! And so we headed to the Bunny Museum located at Pasadena, CA. When we arrived it’s already a bit crowed since the house (museum) is really not that big and stuffed with bunny related toys, arts and other objects. The admission fee is $5 for adults and my two kids got in for free :-).  As mentioned, the Bunny Museum is not that big, but it’s a unique experience which I still recommend. Please enjoy a few pictures I took at the Bunny Museum and pay a visit yourself 🙂

  • 20151225_221928667_iOS-min
  • 20151225_223350689_iOS
  • 20151225_223130759_iOS
  • 20151225_223117269_iOS
  • 20151225_223042666_iOS
  • 20151225_222630701_iOS
  • 20151225_222335582_iOS
  • 20151225_222327566_iOS
  • 20151225_222254699_iOS
  • 20151225_223454119_iOS

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