Confirming the RFID Blocking Feature with The Manufacturer

SOSEDC-RFID-Wallet One of the great features of the SOS EDC™ Compact RFID Blocking Anti-Theft Travel Passport Neck Pouch / Belt Wallet is definitely the RFID blocking capability. However, I have noticed a layer inside the wallet is cut, so I have been wondering if the RFID blocking layer was cut, but since the manufacturer provided me with a copy of the certification report on the RFID blocking material used on the wallet, so I put this in the back of my head for a little bit. But as more and more units of the wallet being sold, I want to make sure the customers are actually getting what they paid for so I decided to contact the Manufacturer’s representative I have been dealing with last night. His name is Randy, a young and energetic guy in China. By the way, we communicated in English via email or texting, but in Mandarin when speaking over Skype.

At first I sent him an email with the picture of the wallet showing the issue I am concern about. I know there is time zone different between the United States and China, so I waited until it’s about noon time in China to see if he has responded. I also noticed he just signed on to Skype, so I decided to message him over Skype and he quickly responded, turned out that he has not received the email yet. After explaining the issue, he initiated the video call over Skype. He assured me the wallet is made of the RFID blocking materials, in fact there are three FRID blocking layers, including one in the front pocket, so in case you keep any chip enabled credit cards in the front pocket, they will be protected. The piece of cloth showing as cut in the wallet is actually the extension of one of the layer sticking out. He even ripped open one of the same wallets to show me the inner RFID blocking layer of the wallet. It was such a relief for me on this issue. I understand the cut is not very neat, but consider the affordability of the wallet, I believe it’s a minor issue and hopefully improvement will be made on the next production.

Anyway, I really appreciate Randy’s help in making this wallet from concept to reality for me. I am really hoping to get some feedback from the current customers or even potential customers for improving the wallet for even better utility.

On the side note, Randy said he still has not received the email I sent him, even though I can received the test email he sent me, but Skype is totally made up for the email misbehave. It’s amazing how technology can enable global communications these days.

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– Kenny



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