Home Page Display issue

One reason I choose WordPress and the X theme for publishing my website is its ability to scale the different screen sizes automatically. For example, while you can view my website normally on a big monitor display, but if you view it on a cell phone, the website will automatically adjust to it size to put the page content in a vertically order so that you can still view the entire website page properly.

After I made the website live, I tested it on my iPad Mini and it adjusts to the screen beautifully so I thought the website worked as it should. Then I tried it on my cell phone, which has a 4.7 inch display, and I was shocked to find out the mid section of the homepage wasn’t displayed correctly. It actually showed the default template content, as you can see the screen shot below.


Actually the screen shot is not from the cell phone display, I adjusted the Google Chrome browser to about the same size of the cell phone display. So I have to delete the whole mid section and recreated it and it finally displays properly now. Not sure what caused the issue though.

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