Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

microsoft-sculpt-keyboardRecently I have an ergonomic evaluation done on my office work station. At the end of the evaluation, the Ergonomics Assessment Specialist recommended the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard to me. In about a week, I received the keyboard and set it up right away. I must say the setup process is very quick & simple, just plug in the USB transmitter, pulled out the battery barrier ribbon on the keyboard and the separate numeric keypad and it’s working immediately.  No software installation is needed, in fact, there is no software come with the package.

I had a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard prior to the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard, it was heavily used and the letters on several keys were worn out and can’t be seen anymore. However, the main reason the Ergonomics Assessment Specialist recommended the  Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard is that the keyboard is more compact and with a separate numeric keypad. The Ergonomics Assessment Specialist recommended that my mouse should be as close to my keyboard as possible.

Anyway, I couldn’t wait to try typing after setting up the keyboard and I immediately like it better than the old keyboard. The typing feel more like on my laptop PC’s built in keyboard but it’s much easier to position my fingers for more accurate typing. I also like the separate numeric keypad, very handy for short-hand numeric input. Another handy feature I like is the calculator launch key, just press it and the Windows’s calculator will open up on the screen. The calculator launch key is on the keyboard and the separate keypad. With the compact size, it saves desk space too, which is another plus over the old keyboard. I am seriously thanking about replacing the keyboard in my home office with the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard as well. but if I do so, I will get the the version which comes with the wireless mouse as well, just cost a little bit more but if you don’t already have a mouse you like, it’s well worth the extra cost.

The other ergonomic keyboard worth mentioning is the Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard. I was recommended this keyboard before and actually tried it, however it will take time to adjust to the key layout on this keyboard and in my fast pace office setting, I don’t have the time to adjust to it while trying to assist clients over the phone and typing at the same time, that’s why I abandoned it and kept the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard until I got the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard. It costs more and other users learned to like it, so I guest if you can adapt to the change on the keyboard layout quickly, this could be a great keyboard for you.

Anyway, just because I like the Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard, it may not be for you. You have to try it out to see which one fits you. Remember, having good office ergonomic setup will increase your productivity and reduce the chance of repetitive movement injuries.

– by sohosos, LLC contributing staff K. L.

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