My Grammarly Weekly Stat.

Grammarly Weekly Stat

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I have been using Grammarly in my writing to correct grammar & spelling errors. One of the features I really like is the free web browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome.  Once it’s installed, it will automatically check your online writing for error, as I am writing this blog right now. I also receive weekly writing statistics like the screen shot above. I must say that I am proud of myself, I need that encouragement and the boost in confidence in my writing. Thanks, Grammarly! I definitely recommend this great tool to improve your writing skill.

Lastly, not so related to Grammarly, exciting news will be announced soon. To me it’s huge, I have been learning, planning & working for about a year now with whatever spare time I can squeeze to finally made it happened. Stay tuned! 🙂

– Kenny L



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