“Over 50? Start Your Business…”

Have you always wanted to start a business but for some reasons you keep on delaying and now you are over 50, and the new excuse may be thinking that you are too old? Then you need to read this book: ”
Over 50? Start Your Business!: Build Wealth. Control Your Destiny. Leave A Legacy” by Brian D. Jones.

I actually purchased the Kindle version of the book and finished reading it. I must said it’s very motivational, even though I am not 50 yet.  In the book, the author provided the 3 foundations for success and 5 steps to starting your dream business which I am totally resonated with.

Never let age be an excuse to not starting something you really dream of doing, get the book, dream big and start small, as the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said: ” The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” So, it’s never too late to start anything you have been dreaming of doing, just DO IT!

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