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Occasionally I received emails from visitors to my website to share some useful information & resources. Recently I received an email from Marie Villeza asking me to share the articles on home safety and security which she found very helpful to our visitor. Please check them out below and I hope you will find them useful. I like to thank Marie Vileza very much for the contribution. If you have any useful information & resources you like to share, please contact me via the contact form on the website. Thank you for visiting.

A to Z Guide to Security, Safety and Prevention

Tips to Ensure Safety of Seniors at Home

Home Construction & Design Techniques for Child Safety

Have a House Fire Evacuation Plan

Guide to Handling a Hoarding Spouse

20 Ways to Keep Kids Safe When They Are Home Alone

How to Make Your Home Handicap Accessible

Child Safety Guide: Making the Move from an Urban Area to a Rural One


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