SOS EDC™ Carbon Fiber Leather RFID Blocking Anti-theft Passport Wallet w/ Removable Chain Amazon Reviews

Product reviews are very important to any online seller and it’s a vital part of the e-commerce business success and I certainly realized that. That why I encourage existing customers to leave a product review after they ordered & received the product. I could have done like many other sellers to offer a deep discount or giving out the product for free to solicit favorable reviews from friends and family members. There are quite a few paid services out there to get reviews as well, however, I have not opted for doing any of these tactics, but I did ask existing customers to leave an honest review if they have a chance.

So far there are two not so great reviews posted on the Amazon website by existing customers, one of them even only has one star. Even though the bad reviews are not what I am hoping for, but they are very helpful in improving the product design & quality. In this case, the most complained issue is the eyelet on the Carbon Fiber Leather RFID Blocking Passport Wallet with the Removable Chain. Both reviews complained about the eyelet on the wallet came off after only a short period of usage. Fortunately, of the many sold wallets, there are only two complaints but don’t think I will take this lightly. I will do whatever it takes to remedy the issue to the customer’s satisfaction. First of all, I will be glad to issue you a refund or exchange if you encounter the same issue or simply are not satisfied with the wallet’s overall appeal & quality. Secondly, I will take note on the complained issues and report them to the manufacturer to improve the product which I have already done so in this case.

The second complaint in one of the reviews is that the leather on the wallet is too thin. However, I don’t totally agree with this. The outer part of the wallet is mostly made of carbon fiber material which is very durable. Yes, when you open the wallet, the leather which the credit card & passport compartments are made of is kind of thin, but I believe that’s a good thing. Since the leather is also lined with RFID-blocking material, any additional thickness will make the wallet too bulky and heavier. The RFID-blocking material also provides the added durability to the leather. So far I have not heard from any customer about the leather not being strong enough or has been ripped. I will definitely report this to the manufacturer as well if that becomes an issue.

Right after I saw the total of two-star review score on the wallet I would expect no one will buy the wallet again but to my surprise, a few orders were placed right after the reviews, so I am very grateful to those customers who are still willing to give a vote of confidence to the product and made the purchases.

Also, please don’t forget the SOS EDC™ Compact RFID Blocking Anti-Theft Travel Passport Neck Pouch / Belt Wallet which I believe is a very versatile wallet to have. And I personally carry this one every day. And the great news is that the price has been dropped,  and believe me, you are really getting a bargain on this wallet, so please give it try or send one to someone as a gift and I am sure they will like it.


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