Starting a New Business? Check Out This Great Resource!

If you are in the process of starting a business you will need to decide on the form of business you will be operating in. To my understanding, there are basically six type of business structures: Sole Proprietorship; Limited Liability Company (LLC); Cooperative; Corporation, S Corporation & Partnership. You should consult with your lawyer and accountant to decide which business entity is best for you. You can also have your lawyer to file the application for you. However, if you like me which prefer to do it online, (can you find anything which can’t be done online these days? ) I found this great company from a business podcast, they can do it fast and affordable. The company is Northwest Registered Agent LLC.

Why do I recommend them? because I used their service myself. I also tried to file the LLC with another online company but found out their online form is much longer and requires much more detail as compared to Northwest Registered Agent LLC.

Anyway, as with any online service or purchase, your experience may vary, and you are welcome to post your comment to share your experience.

If you like to learn more about different type of business entities, the SBA website provides some great information.

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