SUMO – The Best Marketing Tool I Know To Grow Your Small Business Big!

Sumo Tools To Explode Your E-mail Subscriber Growth

I want to tell you about a great tool that I have been using for my own website and that is used by some names you’ll probably recognize (AirBNB, theChive, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss). 

It’s called Sumo, a set of tools that help automate your business’s growth. 

What I love about this tool is it is something that is used by some of the biggest sites on the internet, but is also easy to use and accessible for people like me and you.

If you’re visiting this page that means you probably joined my list via one of Sumo’s tools that I use on my website. Cool, huh? They work seamlessly on your site without taking away from your message.

Personally, I recommend you start with using their List Builder. It’s a phenomenal way to grow your email list and the painless install takes less than a minute. How cool is that?

I paid handsomely for an e-commerce course and learned about this tool from the course. And you get this information here for free, lucky you! Seriously.

Check out Sumo here (I recommend the Small plan to start with):

By Kenny

sohosos, LLC

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