The Amazing Alexapure Breeze Air Filter

May is traditionally my worse allergy season of the year. It’s been many years without fail that I would come down with hay fever for several days in May and I had to call in sick for at least two days. Usually what happens is that right after I mowed the lawn, I would start sneezing, getting itchy & watery eyes and finally, the cold like symptom starts to develop. I would then feel cold, getting a headache and develop the fever. The good thing is that I would feel much better after coming out of the ordeal in a few days and the allergy symptom would be greatly reduced.

Anyway, during the allergy season, I try to avoid the outdoors, but I found out that even if I am staying at my house all day, I still feel the air full of allergens. For example, when I get up in the morning, I usually have to cough out the phlegm developed in my throat during sleep at night. That tells me how much pollutants I breathed in during my sleep. So I had this thought in my mind for some time and one day while browsing Amazon’s website I came across an air purifier and the light bulb was turned on in my head, maybe an air purifier would help in reducing the air pollution at home and in reducing my allergy symptom as well. But that was just a thought, an idea, I was still not sure if I should get one because I think they are quite expensive. Well, not until I came across with the AlexaPure Breeze Air Filter from PureAir4Patriots.

After going over the features and specification of AlexaPure Breeze Air Filter, I decided to purchase one and so far I have not been disappointed. Alexapure Breeze is an indoor air purifier. The 4 stage purification system removes up to 99.7% of allergens, dust, dander, dirt, bacteria, viruses and odors from the air. It’s one of the quietest air filters on the market (16-45dB). It has 5 fan speeds that can automatically adjust from slow filtering to super high rates of filtering based on the real time actual air quality in your home.

I am very impressed with the three layer filters. The carbon filter actually contains tiny carbons in the filter and with another lay of true HEPA filter, the airborne contaminants are removed quite effectively up to 99.97%! It has an auto mode, silent mode, and a timer. Personally, I like the auto mode. It can also detect the light condition. If you are ready to go to bed and turn the light off, it will detect that and after a little while, it will go into the silent mode.

The wavy LED light indicator changes the color from red to purple to blue as the air quality in the room improves with the air filter, which is very cool!

So far I have been very happy with the Alexapure Breeze air filter, it helps in reducing my allergy symptom, but of course, everybody’s allergy symptom is different, the Alexapure Breeze air filter may help in improving the air quality in your home, but it’s not a cure for your allergy. Please consult with your doctor if necesary. Below you can see more pictures of the AlexaPure Breeze Air Filter I took.

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