Udemy’s Cross Platform Issue

Recently I learned about the online learning platform Udemy. I purchased several training courses and found out it’s very convenient way to learn something new, such as web design, online marketing…etc. However, after purchasing additional courses on via a computer instead of from my iPad mini I found out there is a major issue with the cross platform access.

One of course instructor sent out a promotional email to sell his courses on discount, so I ordered several of his courses with a deep discount. They all showed up in the Google Chrome browser which I purchased the courses from but they don’t show up at all on my iPad Mini’s Udemy app. I only have one Udemy account so there is no chance that those courses were purchased with another account. Worse yet, after a few days  later, the coursed were gone from the Google Chrome web browser on my computer and they still don’t show up on the iPad Mini Udemy app either.

I contacted the Udemy customer support several times via their website and uploaded the supporting purchase receipt screen shot but after a few email exchange, nothing happens and I have given up on contacting them. By the way, there is no phone number to call for support.

So in conclusion, Udemy is a convenient way to learn new skills but stick to one method of the course delivery such as either using the computer or the app on the iPad or any Android device. And don’t expect too much support from them if you run into issue such as mine described above.


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