What happens after kickstarter? Let’s kickfurther!!

I am sure you have heard about Kickstarter, which is a platform for businesses and individuals to have their projects/products funded ahead of the actual production. Without this service, many of the projects & products may not have been made possible. But what about after your have successfully launched your initial project or product and need more funding in order to continue to grow? Well, fear not, kickfurter.com comes to the rescue.

To my understanding, with kickstarter.com, you fund part of the project or product, and if the project or product has been funded and produced, you will receive your fund’s worth of the project or product.  However, kickfurter.com works differently for the backer. According to kickfurter.com:  “You buy a portion of the company’s purchase order & promote them to help sell their inventory. When the company’s goods sell, earn the promised return on your investment for your help.” I believe this is truly a Win-Win situation for businesses and the investors. The return rates are definitely much better than what the banks pay you if you have extra money to invest.  It’s a really fun way to invest too, you may find some very interesting products which otherwise may not have been noticed. I highly recommend you to check it out.

There is  also a referral program available: “Every 3rd person you invite that signs up and and makes a claim will earn you an Offer Key, which gives you early access to offers by allowing you to make a claim during the preview period.”  So I do encourage you to click on the links on this post to signup. You will get $5 credit upon sign-up.  Another Win-Win!! 🙂

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